Declan Keogh


Declan Keogh

VP, Process and Quality, Scientific Data Organization

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Declan is a motivated, committed, passionate and real-world data focussed research professional, with a strong history of delivery and achievement. He is driven by goals of developing approaches and strategies to underpin quality, speed of delivery, innovation, and consistently high standards across the drug development lifecycle to benefit patients, and client research & commercial goals.

Over the past 20+ years Declan has been developing and delivering for clients and patients to advance care in a solution focused way. In his earlier career he led a range of data focused teams and enterprise / biotech data partnerships. For 4 years he led Parexel’s Real World Data teams and set Parexel on a pathway to drive a real-world data focused approach. He has also led advanced solutioning in the RWE space in a top 2 CRO and consulting roles in RWD cloud platform companies.

Declan embraces real-world data capabilities transforming drug development, leading a high performing and scientifically centred real world data team with innovation at its core. Our Scientific Data Organisation is developing and delivering advanced solutions driven by real world data, sensors & wearables, cloud technologies and advanced endpoint / intelligence methodologies. We are bringing the ambitions of regulators, pharma/biotech and expectations of patients to scalable reality.

Declan’s ambition is to transform the way we conduct research for the better - patient, scientific and medically driven, real-world data & technology enabled and focused on the needs of our customers to differentiate value.

Declan holds a B.A. (Sci) from Trinity College Dublin and a M.Sc from Queen’s University Belfast.