Most service providers put their back into research. We put our hearts in as well.

We don’t just think differently about your project, we feel differently about it, too. When you face the complex problems involved in transforming a scientific discovery into a new treatment, then getting that treatment in the hands of patients, you need a clinical research organization (CRO) partner who is invested at every level. A team of people who keep solving, improving, optimizing, and caring just as much as you do. No matter how long it takes, no matter the obstacles.

Clinical Research Services

To get new therapies to those who need them as quickly as possible, we research as efficiently as possible. From finding the right patients to operating in locations that suit them, we put our hearts into doing the most good at every point in the development timeline.


Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to navigate the development and approval landscape. That’s why we’re able to thoughtfully guide organizations through regulatory strategy, compliance and partnerships. Together, we identify ways you can improve, then equip you with the tools to get there.

Outsourcing Services

Whether you need a hand with a single part of a clinical study or with an entire portfolio, we can develop an outsourcing model to fit the task at hand.

Medical Communications

With more than three decades of experience, Parexel’s medical communications services help ensure that your products benefit from insightfully conveyed data and communications excellence.

Medical Affairs

Parexel’s innovation engine that aspires to be the vanguard in retooling the way that therapies are developed and ultimately delivered to patients.

Real-World Data Sciences

In today’s landscape, regulatory approval isn’t the end of the drug development process, it’s just the beginning. That’s why, we provide a customized approach that is designed to help you get fit-for-purpose data and the insights that you need - not just terabytes of data to support value demonstration for payers, providers and patients. 

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Communication Preference

Communication Preference