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At Parexel, we collaborate With Heart to help speed your life-changing medicines to patients who need them. That means grounding ourselves in the patient perspective, elevating our impact through operational excellence, and delivering integrated solutions and expertise you need across any or all phases of clinical development. Whether an emerging biotech or a large biopharmaceutical company, our commitment to first-time quality makes achieving your unique objectives easier.

Solutions Across Drug Development

Portfolio management & asset valuation

Capitalize on your portfolio’s full potential with optimization strategies that consider every aspect of drug development. Our efforts, supported by integrated expertise in clinical, regulatory, and market access strategy and planning, help you make earlier, faster, more informed decisions about risk and reward, so each asset has its greatest chance for success.

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Early development and innovation

Navigate the complexity of early-stage development with our integrated approaches and novel ideas. Through a unified strategy that addresses every aspect of development, we enable faster decision making while establishing a sound foundation for later-stage work — guiding you in biomarker selection, healthy volunteer or patient recruitment, safety, supplies/logistics, regulatory strategy, and more.

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Integrated clinical development

Harness the power of our whole-study solutions, designed to ensure patient safety, data integrity, regulatory compliance, and scientific rigor. Our integrated strategies address these priorities and more. They allow us to reduce burdens, mitigate risk, and operate efficiently within timelines and budget, while keeping the patient’s needs at the center of everything.

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Approval and access

Connect with our team of former regulators and HTA professionals, who helped shape the current landscape. We put our earned experience to work for you as we guide global regulatory submissions, compliance activities, market access strategy, launch planning, and more, with advice tailored by our localized knowledge and diverse therapeutic prowess.

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Value substantiation lifecycle management

Expand your value story and amplify your product’s impact with value substantiation and lifecycle management. Our integrated team uses the power of real-world evidence (RWE), regulatory insights, and therapeutically aligned medical writing to bolster your value story, deliver data that satisfies payers and regulators, and build trust with patients and their healthcare providers.

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Constantly evolving how we deliver trials

The Operational Excellence and Delivery Office continuously and consistently improves the way we run your trials. By assembling our most experienced, cross-functional team members, we create best practices that accelerate timelines, generate compelling evidence, promote innovation — and empower us to deliver With Heart™.


Cross-functional teams develop best practices

Cross-functional teams develop best practices

By assembling our most experienced, cross-functional team members, we’re able to create best practices that accelerate timelines, generate compelling evidence, and promote innovation.

Key initiatives improve efforts business-wide

Key initiatives improve efforts business-wide

We focus on executing key initiatives at Parexel to consistently deliver end-to-end solutions, expedite study start-ups, optimize processes, implement best-in-class technology, and aggregate and clarify data.

Centers of Excellence help us deliver and evolve

Centers of Excellence help us deliver and evolve

Our Centers of Excellence establish best-in-class standards, methodologies, tools, and templates that support the organization through transformational changes and continuous improvements across people, processes, and technology.


Let's change lives together

Whether you’re just starting out as a dedicated team of two or you're an established biotech leader, we’ll work side-by-side with you to develop life-changing treatments. We’re fast. We’re flexible. We’re dedicated — amplifying your team’s expertise with everything you need to impact patient lives, from regulatory and commercial strategy to cutting-edge trial design and execution.

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Delivery Models

High-performance solutions, tailored to you: from FSP to Hybrid to FSO

No single delivery model will fit every company. That’s why we design a model that’s unique to you, listening to your needs and goals, building and customizing your model, and providing a detailed roadmap from initiation to steady state. It’s a partnership every step of the way, with our global network of experts helping to scale trial resources, accelerate timelines, and maximize efficiency.

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