Operational Excellence

Delivering the highest quality doesn't happen by accident

That's why we've created the Operational Excellence and Delivery (OED) Office. We've assembled our most experienced, cross-functional team members to create best practices that accelerate timelines, generate compelling evidence, promote innovation — and empower us to deliver With Heart.

We’re advancing operations at the same pace you’re advancing science. 

It will take transformational change to improve the patient experience and productivity in clinical development. And we’re all in.  

The Operational Excellence and Delivery Office is the connective tissue that reaches across the organization and optimizes how we work through process simplification, technology standardization, cross-functional communication, and change management. OED empowers 21,000+ Parexel team members to work together to reduce risk and elevate quality.  

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In clinical operations, operational excellence, in my opinion would be delivering on time, with quality, first time, with very little oversight required from the client's perspective.

What we do is we provide a mechanism in which we're continuously and we're consistently improving on the way in which we deliver for our customers.

We have specialized teams that we put together some governance and some framework in which we are always looking at where are those critical pain points in the industry? What are the things that we need to make sure that we're staying ahead of the market?

I think what our customers are looking for is they're really looking for our knowledge in regards to how to run and drive their projects and their programs.

And what we do is we look at the end in order to plan for the beginning.

Whether it's just collecting the data and making sure that the site gets access to the systems, whatever it may be, on the clinical side, our job is really just to be fully aware of what technologies are out there, what is available to the patients and the study coordinators, and we need to be able to accommodate that so that it is as seamless as possible.

I think another pain point for our sponsors is really in regards to cycle time. It's that start up process at the very beginning.

We need to make sure that we get out of the gates fast. So they're looking at us in regards to making sure we're leveraging those best sites.

Looking at making sure that we have the right patient populations and we're leveraging the right data in order to monitor their trial at the highest quality.

Recently, I've certainly seen pressures out in the industry, shortages of staff, competing priorities, heavy workloads for the study coordinators.

So I often tell my series your job is to make it as easy for them as possible, right?

We want them to participate in the study. We need it to be easy for them to follow the protocol, make sure our inclusion/exclusions are complied with, and that they can get their data entered in a timely manner.

The environment in drug development has changed quite a bit. It's continuing to be more and more complex.

I think we will constantly be living in this change environment where we have to continue to advance to adapt, to look at ways in which we can be innovative and also look at ways in which we can be agile and provide some innovative solutions for our customer and to stay relevant within the market.

The Parexel Precision Pathway

Delivering a timely, clean dataset

The Parexel Precision Pathway is an end-to-end operational approach built for today’s challenges and future innovations. It illuminates a path that prioritizes the timely delivery of clean data while driving efficiency, quality, and predictability to speed up life-changing medicines to patients. 

The Parexel Precision Pathway empowers our world-class talent, powered by the industry’s top tools and data, to make the right decisions and the right recommendations to deliver:

  • Proactive risk mitigation
  • Earlier insights
  • Increased transparency
  • Streamlined study start-up, site activation and patient enrollment


Our focus on AI is improving operations

When combined with Parexel’s domain expertise, Parexel’s artificial intelligence (AI) solutions deliver actionable information at the right times across clinical trial planning, design and execution to bolster performance while reducing timelines throughout the trial lifecycle.

  • Generation of rich and comprehensive data at critical points in study planning and feasibility – to build realistic plans through contextualizing multiple data sources
  • Application of targeted algorithms enables rapid, automated data review of time-intensive critical reports (such as MVRs) that flag quality issues and accelerate report preparation for final clinical review
  • Automation of adverse event case processing, from intake to QC-ready documentation. Improving a labor-intensive and highly repetitive process, our pharmacovigilance solution decreases case processing times, reduces handling times, and reduces error rates

Leveraging AI

Sponsor Benefits: 

Trust and confidence without constant oversight

  • Trials run more smoothly because we use best-in-class standards, methodologies, tools and systems 

  • PMP methodology makes even the most complex projects deliver results on-time and on-budget   

  • Lean Six Sigma practices leave waste and chokepoints nowhere to hide  

Peace of mind

  • Predictability and first-time quality driven by our commitment to continuous improvements across people, processes, and technology 

  • Fueled by a learning and evolving culture, team members embrace best practices and evidence-based innovation that delivers value  

Easy to work with

  • Processes and technology are easy to use because we design with end users’ needs in mind  

Our Operational Excellence and Delivery Office makes it easier for every Parexel team member to deliver the highest quality – every time.