FSP Delivery Models in Clinical Trials

High-performance solutions, tailored to you

No single delivery model will fit every company. That’s why we design a model that’s unique to you, listening to your needs and goals, building and customizing your model, and providing a detailed roadmap from initiation to steady state. It’s a partnership every step of the way, with our global network of experts helping to scale trial resources, accelerate timelines, and maximize efficiency.


Access the talent you need

Our delivery models are all about the people — specifically putting the right people to work for your organization. Whether you’re looking to contract out full or partial aspects of your functions, we give you access to the talent, resources, and technologies you need to succeed. That may mean bringing in highly qualified candidates who are ready to hit the ground running, but it also means filling gaps in the market by developing programs to recruit, train, and retain a new generation of experts. We’ll use all our proven tactics to achieve your goals.


Customizable delivery models

Staff augmentation

Here we train your talent and provide administrative line management, while you handle project management and systems and processes (S&P). This is a predominantly in-house model.

Managed staff

Here we train and manage the talent, but still use your established S&P. This is considered an embedded model, as we’re more integrated into your infrastructure.


Agile outsourcing practices offer you choices and execution flexibility that can better manage costs, talent shortages, and other obstacles. These practices allow you to take advantage of emerging technologies, accessible data, and reduced barriers to clinical trial participation.

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Here we provide a combination of FSP and full-service outsourcing (FSO) delivery models, with flexible management, using either your organization's S&P or our own. This is sometimes referred to as a blended model.

Strategic partnerships (FSO)

Optimize every stage of development with more in-depth access to our capabilities

We all work better together. By forming a strategic partnership with us, you get to leverage our overhead and infrastructure, improve predictability of R&D, and complement your internal knowledge with our expertise. You also get to rapidly expand your global reach, increase operational efficiencies, and streamline development across the board.