Patient advocacy groups

Scaling the power of patient advocacy through long-term partnerships

Parexel is dedicated to developing mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with advocacy partners to support patients and care partners globally.

At Parexel, we understand that Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs) are trustworthy experts in the disease they support and can help connect us with the patient community to raise awareness, support education and build trust. PAGs educate, advocate for, and provide support services to patients and families, and can keep the community informed about clinical trials through their websites, social channels and word of mouth. They share common goals with sponsors and Clinical Research Organization (CRO) partners, playing a central role in raising awareness and reaching the communities of patients and families they represent.

Parexel is committed and proud to support PAGs globally through our corporate sponsorship program and country specific initiatives, as well as on behalf of sponsors. Our goal through these collaborations is to support the education and empowerment of patients and their care partners to have informed discussions about clinical trials, increase interest in research, and reduce the barriers to participation.

Our commitment to patient advocacy partnerships

Our pledge is to operate transparently and honestly through our eleven ethical principles:


We have implemented the policy ‘Guideline on Interactions with Patients and Patient Advocacy Groups’ to govern our collaborations, partnerships, relationships and interactions with patients and patient advocacy groups. Further details can be found here.

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