Portfolio optimization

Portfolio optimization strategic consulting

For each prospective compound, we help you think through its clinical implications, safety parameters, and side effects to establish what will differentiate it in the current market landscape. With multiple drugs and limited funds, you need to choose the right products early. These best prospects will then generate cash and asset value to develop others.

In partnership with Health Advances, we’ll help you decide which investments will get you to an early proof of concept, which assets to advance and which to hold back, and which assets have synergies with others, whether in production, use, or market position. By the end of it all, you’ll have an effective, fully optimized portfolio.

Global integrated development plan

With every asset, we focus on its ultimate sales and market performance goals throughout development. This requires giving it the best market positioning while taking regulatory and development feasibility into account. You’ll need to understand what you need for your asset at every stage of development and anticipate where the cash hurdles will be, so you’ll be ready with the story needed to raise the necessary money.

With a team that understands the science and the clinical path, what regulators in every market will accept, and what the reactions of payers, providers, and patients will be, we’ll get you from a prospective product to an asset with a viable cash flow.

Market access consulting

You want any patient who can benefit from your drug to have easy and affordable access to it. To ensure this, you need to know why a physician would prescribe your drug, why a payer would cover it, and why a patient would choose it. The needs and responses of these stakeholders are often consulted too late to have the necessary effect on development choices.

We provide you with an early understanding of market access that will inform your target product profile (TPP), clinical trial design, and label optimization. These insights are based on our deep understanding of prescriber treatment algorithms combined with market knowledge of therapeutic areas and indications.

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