Building patient insights into assets, profile and claims

Maximize your portfolio’s potential with patient insights

When managing your portfolio, the first thing we do at Parexel is form a crystal-clear understanding of your patients’ needs.

That means gathering insights and perspectives, with consideration for geographic mix, culture, and background, to form an integrated, patient-informed plan. Those insights come through relationships with patient advocacy groups, but also through our Patient Advisory Councils — where we talk directly to diverse patients about their needs, experiences, concerns, and hopes, learning what kinds of treatments would improve their lives, which would be too much of a burden, and so on.

These efforts speed up recruitment, enable previously overlooked populations to participate in more trials, and help us develop two key documents for optimizing your portfolio: a target product profile (TPP) and a target product claims.

Driven by patient insights, the TPP and target product claims documents list out in detail what you want your product to do, what the objective is, what the endpoints will be, and what symptoms you want to relieve or therapeutic effects you want it to have. We combine this information with insights from our development, regulatory and strategic consulting groups, as well as our market entry group, which helps determine what sort of price bracket your drug will fit into, where it will sit in the market, and what the payer profile will be.

Altogether, this allows us to make smarter portfolio-related decisions, so we can prioritize your assets and resources for maximum impact.

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