Chris Learn, Ph.D., P.M.P.


Chris Learn, Ph.D., P.M.P.

Senior Vice President, Head of the Cell and Gene Center of Excellence

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As a caregiver to his parents with incurable genetic illnesses, Senior Vice President, Head of Cell and Gene Therapy Center of Excellence, Dr. Chris A. Learn, knows the importance of championing the patient. It is these personal experiences that drive his leadership and strategic direction for operational delivery of Parexel’s cell and gene franchise.

Work Experience

Bringing 20 years of clinical trial execution and team management experience, Dr. Learn is personally committed, enthusiastic, and passionate about translational science. With interests in the strategic development of novel therapeutics, Dr. Learn is a published author and has been a team leader in the registrational buildout, agency submission, and regulatory approval of five separate and unique marketed products (YONDELIS®, IMBRUVICA®, KEYTRUDA®, BREYANZI®, and ABECMA®).

A former project leader at Duke University, Merck & Co, and Istari Oncology, Dr. Learn has authored numerous clinical trial protocols, including the design, implementation, and execution of various cellular and genetic therapies.

Over the past five years, Dr. Learn has served as a subject matter expert overseeing the clinical development programs of >20 cell and gene therapy programs in rare disease, CNS, pediatrics, and oncology for emerging biotech portfolios and large-cap pharma. His current interests and commitments lie in the phasing of dose, route, and administration of cell and gene therapies in the clinic and how to use innovations in immunotherapy to drive these unique therapies further in improving patient outcomes.