Diana Cristina Pelaez Valencia


Diana Cristina Pelaez Valencia

Associate Director, Supply & Logistics Portfolio Management

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Diana Pelaez is an Associate Director of Clinical Trial Supply & Logistics (CTSL), leading a team of ~12 employees who are logistics experts that drive and simplify the end-to-end supply chain integration for the clinical industry.

Work Experience

Diana was first hired at Parexel in 2015. Her extensive Business, Supply and Logistics experience spans not only within the Clinical Research industry but also within eCommerce and Management Consultancy, this allows her to have an out of the box approach and positions her in a unique place to drive successful strategies and contribute in creative yet objective manner.


Diana holds a bachelor’s degree in international business from EAFIT University (Medellin, Colombia), a Master’s degree in international Trade from the University of Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina), and she continuously enhances her knowledge and skills, through specialized training and certifications, to stay updated with the latest trends in various topics, including Clinical Research and Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Diana is based in Berlin, Germany.