Hicham El Bariqi

Director, Cell & Gene Therapy Center of Excellence

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Inspired by a deeply personal experience of witnessing the devastating impact of cancer on his loved ones, including close friends and family members, Hicham El Bariqi, Director of the Cell and Gene Therapy Center of Excellence has dedicated himself to finding effective cures and treatments while making the research process more patient-centered. Hicham believes that placing the patient at the center of research efforts can lead to better understanding of their perspectives and development of more meaningful and effective treatments, ultimately leading to improved outcomes and quality of life for those facing similar health challenges. He is committed to advancing medical research in a way that prioritizes the needs and experiences of patients.
Hicham El Bariqi is Director, Cell and Gene Therapy, Center of Excellence for Parexel. Experienced, with a strong background in program delivery. He has supported high-profile CAGT deliveries for assets that went onto BLA approval and has led large global teams in Oncology-Hematology, Rare Disease, and Infectious Disease studies, including CAR-T. Hicham is dedicated to the research and development of cutting-edge therapies to bring life-saving treatments to patients in need. He has experience in all development phases of clinical trials and is an effective leader of strategic initiatives and business. Hicham is also a member of several CAGT academies.

He holds an MBA and a certificate in the design and interpretation of clinical trials from Johns Hopkins University, as well as a Lean Six Sigma White Belt.