Marlena Diallo, M.D.


Marlena Diallo, M.D.

Senior Medical Director

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Marlena is an infectious diseases specialist based in Warsaw, Poland. She was the recipient of the European AIDS Clinical Society Scholarship (EACS) at the Western General Hospital Edinburgh, Scotland. She also worked in the UK as an Infectious Diseases trust fellow at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield.

As a clinician, she has had over 8 years of experience in this field, with a particular focus on patients with HIV/AIDS, HBC, HCV and co-infections. In 2011, after becoming an ID Consultant she worked in the Outpatient Clinic of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine. Here she was significantly involved in the enrollment of patients into the national therapeutic programs of HBC/HCV and later with their management. She continues to work also as a consultant in Travel Medicine and hepatology.

She joined Parexel International in August 2014 as an Associate Medical Director in infectious diseases while maintaining her clinical practice in ID. She gained her medical training at the Warsaw Medical University and completed her specialist training at the Regional Infectious diseases Hospital in Warsaw-one of the main reference centers in the country.