Rito Bergemann, M.D., Ph.D.


Rito Bergemann, M.D., Ph.D.

Vice President, Health Economics & Outcomes Research

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Dr. Rito Bergemann, a visionary thought leader and industry expert, serves as the Vice President of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) at Parexel, Access Consulting. With over 30 years of experience in Health Technology Assessment (HTA), Network Meta-Analysis (NMA), Health Economic Modeling, Evidence Evaluation, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Rito has established himself as valuable asset to the company and the global health technology community.

Rito began his academic journey with an MD from the Universities of Aachen and Kiel (Germany), where he developed a strong foundation in clinical practice. His passion for research and improving patient outcomes led him to pursue a Ph.D. in Transplantation Medicine, further solidifying his status as a physician-scientist.

Throughout his career, Rito has been instrumental in shaping the healthcare landscape, holding various positions in renowned research organizations and big pharmaceutical companies. His dedication and expertise has culminated in over 100 HTA submissions, a testament to his proficiency in navigating complex regulatory and reimbursement processes.

As the main architect of the health economic program for the number one selling drug in the market today, Rito has demonstrated his ability to drive innovation and deliver outstanding results. This accomplishment not only showcases his exceptional skillset but also highlights his commitment to optimizing healthcare resources and enhancing patient access to life-changing therapies.

In addition to his professional achievements, Rito is an esteemed author with approximately 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals. He has presented his research at numerous conferences, earning widespread recognition for his contributions to advancing the field of health economics and outcomes research.

Rito joined Parexel in August 2021 and has since played a pivotal role in furthering the organization's mission and vision. His exceptional leadership and strategic thinking has enabled Parexel to excel in the development and implementation of innovative HEOR strategies, ultimately improving healthcare decision-making and patient care worldwide.

As a seasoned physician, researcher, and thought leader, Rito embodies the values and expertise Parexel strives to bring to the healthcare community. Under his guidance, the organization is poised to continue its growth and make significant strides in advancing the field of health economics and outcomes research.