Teri Karcher, Ph.D.


Teri Karcher, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President, Head of Launch Excellence & Chief Drug Development Officer

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Teri Karcher is Executive Vice President, Head of Launch Excellence and Chief Drug Development Officer for Parexel. In this role, Teri leads a team that collaborates with internal stakeholders and external customers to bring operational and commercial insights, innovation and optimization to study strategy, start-up activities and project execution to enable more seamless and faster drug development.

Prior to her more than two-decade career in the CRO industry, Teri held research faculty appointments in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University School of Medicine and the University of Miami School of Medicine. Teri also provided healthcare services to patients as a Clinical Psychologist. Her time spent with patients and working at investigative sites has fueled her continued passion for finding improved ways of collaborating across our industry to make it faster and easier for patients to receive needed treatments.

Teri received her Ph.D. in Health Clinical Psychology from the University of Miami and her Master in Business Administration from Arizona State University. She also completed her Master of Science in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Marquette University.