Supplier Diversity Policy

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Parexel celebrates the diversity of its workforce, patients & suppliers and seeks to ensure an inclusive environment across race and ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, and other differences. Parexel’s vision is one where its workforce, customers, patients, and suppliers are able to give their best contribution and agree that “This is the place for me."

Through its Supplier Diversity Program, Parexel has introduced a broad range of suppliers who bring forth varied perspectives, creativity and innovative ideas to our customers, partners, and colleagues. This policy applies to all Procurement staff and employees that purchase goods or services from third party suppliers ("Purchasers").

Parexel recognizes the value diversity brings to our employees, clients, patients, and communities we serve. The purpose of Parexel’s Supplier Diversity Program is to promote the inclusion of small and diverse businesses in our purchasing process and to help diverse suppliers at varying stages of their journey. We promote this by mentoring and providing such companies a platform to gain a larger voice in promoting their business models towards both parties mutual goals of success.


Geographic Scope: North America based suppliers

Parexel’s Supplier Diversity Program includes Minority-and-Women-Owned Enterprises (M/WBEs), Veteran and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (V/DVBEs), Small Business Enterprises (SBEs), Disability-Owned Business Enterprises (DOBEs), Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) and LGBTQAI+: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual or allied. Parexel’s Supplier Diversity Program consists of two tiers. Tier 1 focuses on monitoring purchases to ensure Parexel has a diverse range of suppliers providing quality goods and services. Tier 2 takes the program to the next level by monitoring Parexel’s suppliers to ensure diverse suppliers have an opportunity to be included in their supply chains. This two-tiered program further demonstrates Parexel’s commitment to partner directly with diverse suppliers and enhancing our relationship with suppliers that embed diversity in their own supply chains.

To qualify as a diverse supplier for Parexel, the supplier must hold one of the following certifications:

  • National Minority Supplier Development Council – NMSDC
  • Women’s Business Enterprise National Council – WBENC
  • WeConnect International
  • Disability:IN
  • National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce – NGLCC
  • National Veteran Business Development Council – NVBDC
  • National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA)

Self-certified suppliers or suppliers certified by organizations not listed above are not considered as diverse suppliers for the purpose of this policy. In tandem to proper certification, suppliers are evaluated on several criteria, including price, quality, customer service, delivery, and other business requirements to qualify to partner with Parexel.

Policy Objectives:

The intent of this policy and the overall goals of Parexel’s supplier diversity program are:

  • Effectively identify and engage diverse suppliers that align with Parexel’s service requirements
  • Invest in diverse suppliers through inclusive mentoring opportunities
  • Training and encouraging Procurement staff and Purchasers to include small, diverse business vendors in the purchasing process where there is appropriate alignment with our business needs
  • Monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of our Supplier Diversity efforts
  • Leverage corporate DEI strategy and executive leadership to drive awareness and momentum

Parexel is committed to development of a diverse supplier base and encourages all employees to be inclusive in their daily business decisions when selecting the best supplier to meet our business needs.

To learn more about this program and assist us in our continuing efforts to build a Supplier Diversity Program designed to foster more powerful competitive dynamics that deliver quality services in a culture of respect and inclusion, please email the Supplier Diversity team at