U.K. Gender Pay Data

Parexel Reports U.K. Gender Pay Data

In accordance with new United Kingdom (U.K.) legislative requirements, Parexel has published its U.K. gender pay data, which measures the average difference in pay between men and women across a company’s workforce. 

The graphics below display the average and median gender pay differences for those Parexel entities required to report under U.K. law.  Parexel has several legal entities in the U.K., but only two meet the 250-employee reporting threshold.  Our compensation philosophy and practices are uniform across all our legal entities.  Therefore, we feel that the metrics encompassing all our U.K. employees provide a better representation of our gender pay data.  For comparison purposes, we have provided this information as well as the U.K. national average for hourly compensation – available and reported by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The gender pay information reported below is the difference in total average earnings between men and women.  It is not a comparison by job and does not account for job levels, qualifications, experience, specific positions or other factors that determine pay.  Accordingly, this data does not measure equal pay.  Parexel’s median gender pay difference for our overall U.K. population is in the single digits, and is better than the U.K. national average.  We are encouraged by this first report of our data, and recognize there is still work to be done.


At Parexel, we have a strong commitment to gender equality and diversity, which has been recognized by global publications including Forbes.  Our commitment is formalized through our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and programs such as Women in Leadership, Wisdom Circles, and Men Advocating Real Change (MARC).

This commitment extends to competitive and equitable pay to ensure we are attracting and advancing a diverse workforce across the globe that is passionate about helping to prevent and cure disease.

The new U.K. regulations also require reporting organizations to break down their hourly workforce into quartiles, which show the relative proportions of males and females at different pay progressions within the organization.  We have included our quartile data in the graphic below.

UK Gender Pay Metric Data Chart.

UK Gender Pay Chart comparing females to males.

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