Today, a global footprint is no longer enough.  Biopharmaceutical companies need the intelligence that only a truly integrated global network can provide.  At PAREXEL, worldwide harmonization allows us to share best practices and ensure studies, from Boston to Beijing, are conducted to the same standards of excellence.  This connected intelligence creates more effective clinical trials for our clients.

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Therapeutic Expertise

You set out to cure today’s most deadly and debilitating diseases – cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, HIV, and more. With a staff of over 100 medical doctors, PAREXEL works beside you with oncology, neurology, cardiology, rheumatology, immunology, and other medical expertise in-house, to help your search for today’s most vital new therapies. Learn more.

Delivery Models

If your journey needs a more custom route, PAREXEL provides responsive, partner-driven solutions to get your new drug to market faster. Our PAREXEL BioPharm Unit™, Strategic Partnerships, and Functional Services Team all use productive partnerships to spur timely, real world action.  Learn more.

Industry Expertise

Today’s pharmaceutical industry is on a journey itself, driven by changing payer pricing issues, regulatory demands, and expiring biologic patents. PAREXEL has some of the most experienced, most talented minds in the industry finding solutions for our clients to help them stay on course. Learn more.

Global Presence

A global footprint is common in today’s pharmaceutical industry. However, PAREXEL stands out because not only do we have the expertise and facilities you need worldwide, we’re also interconnected in real time, harmonized to the same standards SOPs and advanced communication tools and technology to work as one global problem-solving community. Learn more.

Regulatory Expertise

Your path to new drug success encounters regulatory barriers from start to finish. So PAREXEL provides top regulatory experts worldwide – many former FDA and EMA regulators – backed by advanced, integrated technologies that optimize trial data, ease filings, and keeping you moving forward. Learn more.

Commercialization Expertise

Securing a path to first market access for your new drug is crucial. PAREXEL’s commercialization experts analyze market potential, health sector impacts, payer coverages, and more to develop access strategies and marketing campaigns to establish a profitable market presence for your drug. Learn more.

Therapeutic Expertise

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