Precision Medicine

Health gets personal.

With precision medicine, the world of health is getting much more personal. By understanding the molecular underpinnings of diseases, pharma companies can develop and target precision medicines against the causes of disease and not simply treat the symptoms. It’s an exciting area, and it’s only growing.

In fact, according to a 2018 report we commissioned with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)1, drugs developed using precision-medicine trial designs were, on average, 10% more likely to be launched than those without. And this likelihood is even higher in specific therapeutic areas, climbing to 26% for oncology and 17% for neurology. 

The growth of personalized medicines is only expected to keep climbing. In fact, over the next three years, the proportion of precision-medicine in clinical developments is expected to hit nearly 70% across disease states. 

How We Can Help

We’re proud to guide you through the emerging field of precision medicine. Our well-established methodology thoughtfully leads you through the challenges and opportunities you’ll face along the way.

Biomarker strategy 

Our Translational Medicine Services team specializes in early-stage biomarker strategy development and execution, for example:

  • Determining what biomarkers should be evaluated and what technologies or methods are most appropriate
  • Selecting and overseeing the laboratories that conduct these specialized tests to ensure that results align with regulatory requirements
Genomics expertise 

Our genomic medicine team is made of a deep bench of specialists with success using genomic information to support drug discovery, development, commercialization, and reimbursement. We can help you answer critical questions such as:

  • What genetic variants are relevant for selecting or stratifying patients?
  • How does genomic variation impact feasibility and site selection?
  • What technology is best to generate the genetic results?
  • What is the best way to mitigate risk of variability in global regulations related to genomic testing?
Real-World Evidence 

Our Integrated Real-World Data Services offer a multidisciplinary approach to building a robust, customized real-world evidence strategy, with a tailored approach to help you get fit-for-purpose insights – not just terabytes of data. 

Operational excellence in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials testing precision medicines pose many unfamiliar challenges. For example, they often take longer to recruit patients due to the specialized biomarker or genetic testing required to qualify patients for inclusion. Trials may be subject to privacy laws and regulatory nuances that vary by locality. We offer full support in this area, by helping with:

  • Site training in using genetic data to guide patient enrollment
  • Working directly with patients to answer questions about their participation in a trial where their genomic information is used
  • Sample supply logistics and management – critical to ensuring that samples are collected and processed properly to minimize pre-analytical variability 
Executive-level strategic consulting 

Our seasoned consultants can help your leadership team:

  • Identify and evaluate unmet needs and opportunities to determine assets and indications to develop.
  • Evaluate the competitive landscape and market potential
  • Assess probability of success, cost and risk of development options


1. The Innovation Imperative: The Future of Drug Development, The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2018.

We are always available for a conversation.


We are always available for a conversation.


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Communication Preference