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Care that transcends disease areas

You set out to treat suffering, cure disease, and make the world a healthier place. So did we. We’ve rolled up our sleeves to help clients with clinical development in all major therapeutic areas, from classic small molecule medications to the latest large molecule biologics and recombinant drug candidates.

Over the years, we've built specific knowledge in the following areas:

Oncology and Hematology Franchise

Your goals are to develop new, more effective, and better-tolerated treatment options for patients affected by cancer. As a CRO with a focus in oncology/hematology, our mission is to support these goals with passionate dedication to the patients most in need of these therapies. With our clinical and operational expertise, combined with our extensive years in clinical research, we remain at the forefront for these novel therapies. 

Infectious Diseases and Vaccines Franchise

At Parexel, we have a committed multi-disciplinary team of experts focused on combating infectious disease and improving community health on a global scale. Our pandemic preparedness team was one of the first CROs called into action as we faced the COVID-19 pandemic. Utilization of our consultative approach aided in the prompt development of adaptive protocol designs, accelerated pathway implementation and emergency use authorization.

Inflammation and Immunology Franchise

Understanding the mechanisms underlying disease, and the biological connections between seemingly unrelated indications, is central to our practice in inflammation and immunology. Pharmaceutical development in inflammation and immunology is largely disease agnostic, and MOAs can often be applied to multiple disease states. Our highly experienced physicians, each a subject matter expert, are familiar with all targets and share a common understanding of the mechanisms of inflammation. Offering comprehensive integrated expertise across therapeutic areas, we support our customers in developing effective treatments from development planning and regulatory strategy, through Early Phase to Phase IV and market access.

Clinical Neurosciences (CNS) Franchise

Awareness is growing of the significant costs of psychiatric and neurological diseases to individuals, families, and society. We are deeply committed to our role in diagnosing and advancing treatments that not only relieve symptoms but can make a dramatic impact on quality of life and even change the course of the disease. Achieving these goals requires highly specialized expertise. For every clinical trial, we take a patient-guided approach, giving them a voice at the table to lead us toward meaningful outcomes. We do this by striving to minimize the burden and making certain the data collected is of the highest quality.

General Medicine Franchise

At Parexel, General Medicine is composed of Cardio-vascular, Respiratory, Endocrinology – Metabolism – Osteoporosis, Nephrology - Genito-Urinary and Women’s Health therapeutic areas. We have grouped together those five therapeutic areas that combine highly prevalent conditions with rare diseases. Each area, led by senior medical experts and comprising top-notch physicians, offers comprehensive integrated expertise, extending to seamless collaboration with our experts in rare disease. 

Our general medicine franchise is dedicated to helping our clients deliver therapies that can improve patients’ quality of life, to the broader benefit of their caregivers, communities, and society at large. This is our purpose and our passion.  We cover chronic conditions such as asthma, heart disease, diabetes, etc. that affect billions of people around the world. With the support from the Rare Disease group at Parexel, we also have all the tools and know-how to recruit, partner with Patient Advocacy Groups, and evaluate complex outcomes in rare or ultra rare conditions. 

Rare Diseases

A balance between compassion and rigor: this is our vision and promise to the rare disease community. At Parexel we develop and deliver rare disease clinical research solutions across therapeutic areas founded upon a deep understanding of the patient and caregiver journey. Our “right-sized” rare disease model enables a nimble delivery team focused on operational excellence, while providing real-time access to a customized innovation team of medical, scientific, regulatory, and other experts. During our journey together with you, we acknowledge that every single patient, sample, and assessment … is precious. 

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No one understands the needs of young patients and their families better than dedicated pediatricians. Our pediatric research division comprises pediatric specialists and subspecialists who apply their knowledge to every nuance throughout the life of the study. We believe that including the patient’s and caregiver’s thoughts when planning pediatric trials can reduce study burden and enhance patient recruitment and retention. Since at least 50% of rare diseases occur in the pediatric population, we are focusing on improving the quality of clinical trials in pediatric patients with rare diseases.

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Cell and Gene Therapies

A thriving pipeline of cell and gene therapies promises to make life-changing treatments more accessible to patients who await them. Parexel is at the forefront, supporting research in cell and gene. With a legacy of helping companies navigate this largely uncharted area, our cross-functional team offers comprehensive strategic, technical, operational, and logistical support. Equally important, we have an abiding sensitivity to the patients involved – understanding their needs and identifying every action possible to accelerate the time it takes your ground-breaking innovation to reach patients waiting.

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