Healthy volunteers

The potential to change lives

At the heart of every drug therapy breakthrough are volunteers who’ve taken part in Phase I clinical trials. These trials are a crucial step in bringing treatments to the patients who need them most, and by participating, you may play a part in that.

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Clinical trial safety

As a healthy volunteer, before the trial begins, you’ll go through a screening process. During the trial, we’ll carefully monitor you for side effects. Our trials are also reviewed and approved by the appropriate regulatory authorities and ethics committees.

You’re taken care of by highly trained experts

Throughout the trial, you’ll have a team of medical professionals dedicated to your care, including nurses and doctors.

Exams, tests, and procedures are covered

All medical exams, tests, and/or procedures you receive during the study are provided at no cost to you as a healthy volunteer.

Healthy volunteers for Phase I clinical trials don’t experience any therapeutic benefits because they don’t have the condition the medicine is targeted to, so they’re often compensated for their commitment.

You can stop at any time

All trials are completely voluntary — so if you decide to leave the trial you can do so at any time and for any reason.

Frequently asked questions

Medicines are developed when scientists research potential drug compounds to determine their effectiveness against diseases

Clinical studies are conducted to determine whether an investigational medicine is safe and effective in treating a particular disease or condition. “Investigational” means that the drug has not been approved for a particular clinical use and is still being evaluated in studies. These studies also check for any side effects that may develop while taking the investigational medicine.

Clinical studies are performed according to strict government and ethical guidelines. These guidelines help to ensure that participants’ rights are protected while information about the investigational medicine is collected.

An investigational medicine must pass three phases of clinical testing before it is approved by a country’s regulatory authority and made available to the public. The fourth phase is when the investigational medicine has been approved.

As a healthy volunteer, you’re only eligible to participate in Phase I studies.

These studies aim to establish the relative safety and tolerability of the therapy given side effects and identify the most effective dose of a medication as a starting point for future studies in actual patients. If the safety results are satisfactory then second phase of testing in patients can begin.

Phases II-IV clinical studies focus on people who have the medical condition the drug is designed to treat.

Each clinical trial has different rules about who is eligible to participate. Eligibility may be based on age, gender, sex assigned at birth, disease type and stage, overall medical history, and many other factors.

Phase I volunteers can join clinical studies by visiting the websites of our global trial locations. You can search through Parexel trials that you may be a good fit for by sorting based on eligibility criteria. Follow the links below to learn more.

All study participants are well supported while participating in research studies. A team of doctors and other healthcare professionals are there to answer any questions, and your safety is their priority throughout your participation. Compensation for time and travel costs is also often provided should you decide to volunteer for a clinical study.