Insights from Goldman Sachs and Parexel

The Goldman Sachs and Parexel reception at The Conservatory was a night of celebration. We enjoyed meeting with fellow innovators in the biotech, CRO, and investor community. We are reminded of what an incredible and dedicated community we work with to give patients hope.  

You can expect to hear from us in the next few weeks to continue the conversation. In the meantime, please enjoy looking back on the evening!

Panel discussion - Decoding Healthcare's Future: A Comprehensive Analysis of Investment, Clinical Research, and Regulatory Dynamics

Panelists from Goldman Sachs

Jerry Lee

Partner, Global Healthcare Investment Banking Group, Goldman Sachs

Jerry Lee is a Partner in the Global Healthcare Group at Goldman Sachs within the Global Banking & Markets Division. For the past 16 years, he has covered the global biotechnology and pharmaceutical landscape, helping to identify, fund, and nurture innovations in healthcare.

Lyla Bibi

Managing Director, Head of Americas Healthcare Equity Capital Markets, Goldman Sachs

Lyla Bibi is a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs within the Global Banking & Markets Division. She is the Head of Healthcare Equity Capital Markets (ECM) for the Americas. Lyla has over 15 years of investment banking and capital markets experience, including responsibility for healthcare equity and equity-linked origination.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions that the panelists express are their own and are for informational purposes only. They do not constitute a recommendation by Goldman Sachs Asset Management for you to take any action.