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New Real World Evidence leader in Asia/Pacific returns to Parexel with lessons learned from China adventure

01.13.23 - 3 min - Sheng Feng re-joins Parexel to drive RWE offering and consulting services in Asia/Pacific

ASH 2022 and Beyond: The New Frontier of Innovative Therapies

01.12.23 - 6 min - The annual American Society of Hematology (ASH) meeting, held on 09-12 December 2022, provided a capstone to a prolific research year. While overwhelming – with 300+ presentations on the topic of multiple myeloma alone, a few topics and related achievements stand out...

Xoli Belgrave appointed to lead Parexel’s Clinical Trial Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy

01.10.23 - 4 min - Xoli Belgrave was recently appointed to a newly created role of Senior Director, Patient Innovation Center and Head of Clinical Trial Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Read on to learn t how Xoli came to join the clinical research industry, her perspective on the importance of diversity in clinical trials and the impact she hopes to make in her new role.

New CNS Franchise Leader brings experience from pharma and as a clinician and researcher

11.14.22 - 3 min - Andreas Lysandropoulos grew up around neuroscience and now works to solve unmet needs for patients Andreas Lysandropoulos, MD, Ph.D., joined Parexel Nov. 1 as Global CNS Franchise Leader in Global Medical Services, reporting to Chief Medical Officer and Global Head, Oncology Center of Excellence Amy McKee, MD. Based in Brussels, Belgium, Andreas brings more than 15 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and as a clinician and researcher.

Taking a Proactive, Preventive Approach to Data Privacy in Clinical Documentation

09.26.22 - 4 min - Data privacy has taken on increasing urgency as citizens insist on their right to govern their own data, winning support from governmental and regulatory agencies worldwide. The new EU Clinical Trials Regulation (EU-CTR 436/2014) includes specific guidance relative to sensitive information, corporate confidentiality, and patient privacy in the biopharma industry.

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