Parexel Insights

Taking a Proactive, Preventive Approach to Data Privacy in Clinical Documentation

09.26.22 - 4 min - Data privacy has taken on increasing urgency as citizens insist on their right to govern their own data, winning support from governmental and regulatory agencies worldwide. The new EU Clinical Trials Regulation (EU-CTR 436/2014) includes specific guidance relative to sensitive information, corporate confidentiality, and patient privacy in the biopharma industry.

Inclusion for all: Expanding trial accessibility for transgender and nonbinary patients

09.23.22 - 4 min - Drug developers and the clinical research community are working to increase diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging within clinical trials. By recruiting diverse patient populations, study results are more reflective of real-world patient populations and widen access to care. As a start, our industry has predominantly focused on racial and ethnic DEI. That’s critical work, but diversity extends beyond that into other areas too, such as gender identity, disability and socioeconomic status.

Including patients in DCT design

09.13.22 - 4 min - To address critical needs and optimize clinical trial protocols, ask patients what they want most

Membership in Clinical Research Data Sharing Alliance enables Parexel to shape the future of clinical trial data

09.07.22 - 3 min - Parexel is the first CRO to be invited to join the Clinical Research Data Sharing Alliance (CRDSA), a year-old organization working to maximize the value of clinical data to make clinical research more productive and get life-saving medicines to patients sooner.

SITC Crisis in Clinical Research Virtual Summit – Collaborating to Drive Change

08.24.22 - 7 min - Since 2011, the approval of 108 immuno-oncology(I-O) products have radically changed the cancer treatment landscape and the clinical trial pipeline. Rapid development of promising I-O therapies represents the greatest opportunity for cancer patients, but future progress is severely threatened by persistent challenges in clinical research.

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