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A patient-centric approach to managing clinical trial complexity

07.13.21 - 4 min - The average length of a clinical study cycle is on the rise and has been for decades. Look at any five-year period: cycles are seven to 10 percent longer than in the five years immediately prior.

Highlights from ASCO: Our experts weigh in

07.13.21 - 5 min - The ASCO Annual Meeting gathers oncology professionals from around the world to discuss the latest in cancer research and treatment. This year’s five-day event included more than 2,500 abstract presentations — and while each study is valuable, we want to share comments on a few topics of particular interest.

Four reasons to conduct robust natural history studies before clinical trials

07.12.21 - 3 min - Lucas Kempf, former regulator, reflects on his time at the FDA and outlines why companies should invest in a high-quality natural history study.

Breaking through complex regulations and science speak – thinking “patients first” in lay language summary development

06.22.21 - 3 min - In this blog, our experts explore how to develop multi-purpose, patient-centric lay language summaries with the patient audience firmly in mind.

RBQM is our future: Using holistic risk-based oversight, we can focus on a trial’s most critical factors

06.18.21 - 5 min - Recently, RBQM experts offered ideas of what’s ahead. RBQMLive, hosted by CluePoints, featured 18 industry leaders and welcomed more than 700 attendees from 27 countries. We discussed the current clinical trials landscape, the factors driving change, and why the industry is embracing the RBQM model.

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