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BY Matt Neal, Senior Director, Product Management, Liquent InSight, Parexel - 9.5.19 -

Chances are, we will all be a patient at some point in our lives. As mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends, we realize that time is precious, whether it be attending our children’s events, vacationing, reading a good book, yoga, sailing or just laughing. When you become a patient, maximizing that time becomes even more important.

With our partnership with Microsoft, Parexel is looking for ways to give everyone back that precious time.

In life sciences operations, the leaps we’ve taken in technology and automation are significant. Yet, companies still shuffle an extraordinary amount of digital “paper.” Even in a digital environment, the shuffle and hand-offs are slow. This takes time. 

In many cases, companies and departments start to substitute manual process with workflow-driven assisted digital shuffling. Once we understand the benefits of this process, it requires retro-fitting and standardizing the existing piles of digital information to realize those benefits. This takes time.

So, what if we were able to save some of this time, with the goal of helping patients get the time they so need?

One way we are doing this is with Liquent InSight®, which plays a crucial role for our clients managing their regulatory information and the time-critical publishing of regulatory dossier information for global health authorities. Now, Liquent InSight is being integrated with Microsoft Office 365 to bring that experience to the desktop of users each day. With this integration, we are taking a process that used to take up to five days and getting it moving in less than five minutes and inside the system in which users are already familiar, comfortable and efficient.

By integrating InSight information into Outlook, casual users can now add a record of correspondence with a health authority directly into InSight and begin the workflow for submissions without ever leaving Outlook. This limits the “system fatigue”, reduces training burden, reduces time to capture regulatory milestones and interactions, and increases speed to compliance – all inside the familiar interface of Outlook 365.

Over the next two years Liquent InSight for Office 365 will integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Excel, making this capability part of the fabric of the user’s day and with the goal of bringing to life a complete life sciences platform which truly changes the way you work and delivers our most precious and non-renewable resource – Time.  

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We are always available for a conversation.


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