Parexel's female leaders discuss their journeys in STEM

The Parexel Podcast Episode 1: International Women's Day

2.28.19 -

In PAREXEL’s inaugural podcast, Siri Chilazi, a gender equality advocate and Harvard Kennedy School Research Fellow, speaks with female leaders from Parexel, Dr. Kemi Olugemo, Dr. Ubavka DeNoble, Aida Sabo, and Peyton Howell to celebrate International Women’s Day. They discuss what it means to be women leaders in a STEM field, and what challenges they have faced throughout their journeys, with the hope that their stories and lessons learned will inspire other young women currently rising through the ranks. We also dive into how their experiences at Parexel have influenced their leadership, and what the 2019 International Women’s Day motto of “Balance for Better” means to them.

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