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Why Rare Disease Therapeutics Need Early Market Access Planning

01.04.23 - When developing and bringing a therapeutic for a rare disease to market, sponsors should think with the end in mind and plan for payer requirements early in protocol design. The economic and clinical value evidence required by payers for market access differs from the clinical efficacy and safety evidence demanded by regulators. Securing approval but lacking market access results in unrealized revenue and, most importantly, patients left untreated. But how do we price and how do we gain access on the promise of long-term value when we don’t have the long-term data?


CROs and Their Role for Nano-rare

12.19.22 - In this episode on n-Lorem Foundation’s podcast series, Patient Empowerment Program, our CEO Jamie Macdonald interviews with Dr. Stanley T. Crooke, Founder, CEO and Chairman of n-Lorem Foundation. During their conversation, Jamie shares the moment he realized his desire to make a difference, Parexel’s role in clinical trials and our partnership with n-Lorem aimed to serve patients.


FSP Podcast Series | Episode 2: Celebrating a 25-Year Career with Kerri McCaul-Claus

12.06.22 - To explore a Parexel FSP employee advancement journey, Host Mrs. Jan Back, Recruitment Marketing Manager, Parexel FSP, is joined by Kerri McCaul Claus, Vice President, FSP Solutions Biometrics. Kerri has held various roles during her 25-year career. Today we delve into her career development and subsequent advancement to become a Vice President within the organization.


RBQM Podcast Series | Episode 4: Three ways to de-risk your DCT implementation

12.05.22 - In the fourth episode of the RBQM podcast series, Amy Adams, Senior Director, Clinical Operations and Cris McDavid, Director, Clinical Operations discuss some questions to ask when developing a risk-based framework for decentralized clinical trials.


Get Recruited to Be a Clinical Research Associate: The Benefits of Parexel’s FSP Program

10.27.22 - At Parexel, we are committed to improving patient’s lives through clinical research. Within Parexel FSP — a division of Parexel — we fulfill key clinical development roles through functional service outsourcing models across a variety of disciplines for leading pharmaceutical sponsors. This includes finding the best candidates for vitally important CRA positions.


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