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Decentrally Speaking | Episode 2: The Shifting Roles of Pharmaceutical Depots within a Decentralized Trial Environment

05.09.22 - In this second episode in the Decentrally Speaking series, we will be discussing how pharmaceutical depots are evolving their services and operations to support both sites and patients as a critical part of decentralized trials (DCTs). Expanding geographies, ancillary procurement, and storage of investigational drugs and supplies to be shipped either direct to patient or direct to site create a complex supply chain that must be carefully managed and controlled.


Decentrally Speaking | Episode 1: Optimizing Trial Inclusivity For Patients From Under-Represented Communities

03.22.22 - Our Decentrally Speaking series engages with subject matter experts and thought leaders on expanding clinical access for patients through the use of decentralized trials (DCTs). Join us as we also explore opportunities to operationalize DCTs across our industry.


RBQM Podcast Series | Episode 2: Cultivating Risk-based Behaviors

03.18.22 - As risk-based quality management (RBQM) practices become a requirement of global regulators, industry adoption will require end-to-end organizational change.


The Parexel Podcast | Episode 19: Improving Rare Disease Drug Development

02.28.22 - Researchers have identified more than seven thousand rare diseases, but effective treatments are available for fewer than ten percent. Drug development for rare diseases is complex given the challenges of the limited, geographically dispersed patient populations, many of which are children.


RBQM Podcast Series | Episode 1: RBQM Podcast Series: Getting it Right Upfront - Managing Study Risk from End-to-End

02.24.22 - In this Parexel podcast episode, the first of our RBQM five-part series, RBQM experts Amy Adams, Senior Director of Clinical Operations Liz Gough, Associate Director Business Process Excellence, and Kirsty Botes, Associate Director Clinical Operations, discuss strategies and best practices for getting RBQM right from the start to successfully manage study risk from end-to-end.


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