mHealth Innovation: Identifying the best patient-centered technology for your trial needs



November 11, 2021

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Apps, biosensors and patient-centered technologies are now a common fixture in global households. With their popularity on the rise, so has their inclusion in clinical trials as usage in clinical trials is projected to surge up to 70 percent by 2025.[i]

But patient-centered technologies are not created equal. What may work for one patient population may not be appropriate for others.  Thorough testing and careful evaluation are essential prerequisites for identifying the best technology for your trial needs.

This moderated, interactive discussion with sensors and wearables experts will cover the topics of:

·         Best practices for identifying and testing potential technologies that will reduce the burden on the patient and the site (that are convenient for patients and fit into existing workflows at investigator sites)

·         Strategies to evaluate the data collected to make it more valuable for sponsors, investigators, regulatory authorities, etc.

·         Insights gained from market research on sponsor usage of wearables/sensor technologies in clinical trials

Keith Wenzel, Senior Director, Parexel's Scientific Data Organization, Parexel
Nathan Noakes, Solutions Architect & Program Director, Scientific Data Organization, Parexel
Jeremy Wyatt, Chief Executive Officer, Actigraph



We are always available for a conversation.


We are always available for a conversation.


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