Bioequivalence Studies

Your home for developing generics.

Developing bioequivalence with confidence

In the changing landscape of drug development and approval, the demand for generic pharmaceuticals is a constant. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated Bioequivalence Solutions Center to help you establish bioequivalence, then guide you through the market application process.

No matter your size, we can build on your resources or assist with the entire process to generic approval. We understand the nuances of getting generics to market and can back you up with the therapeutic knowledge and resources to get it there on time and on budget.

Bioequivalence experience in patient populations

One of the big challenges in any development processes is finding the right people to volunteer. Our global network allows us to thoughtfully reach out to diverse patient groups and ensure they have safe, informed experiences in your bioequivalence study. Additionally, we have several units which specialize in in-patient services to keep their needs at the heart of it all.


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Communication Preference

Communication Preference