Beginning with the
End in Mind

At PAREXEL, we believe that strategic planning early in the process can help set your journey on a smarter course. It’s a key premise of our integrated approach that helps our clients address the needs of multiple stakeholders and save both time and cost.

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Your Strategic Guide in the Product Development Journey.

On the journey to cure disease, the challenges can be daunting. As pressure builds on available healthcare resources globally, regulators are applying higher levels of scrutiny to new therapeutic products, and access to drugs is more consistently dependent on demonstration of value and effectiveness. As a result, manufacturers are looking ever more critically at a drug development process largely conceived in an era of blockbusters. Innovation can be applied to solve the challenges of science and technology, but successfully achieving regulatory and reimbursement approval demands more - a REINVENTION of process and organizational dynamics that breathe new vitality into commercial success. 

PAREXEL Consulting is your strategic guide in the drug development journey, overcoming obstacles and accelerating industry imperative to get products to market faster and smarter. Our scientific, regulatory, and commercial expertise puts best practice standards to work for clients large and small, designing solutions for a constantly evolving healthcare landscape.

Key Offerings

Integrated Product Development

PAREXEL Consulting’s Integrated Product Development team supports the prioritization of assets and portfolios, including determination of the most optimal regulatory and clinical paths.

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Strategic Compliance & Risk Management

PAREXEL Consulting’s trusted experts, including renowned former regulatory professionals, institute proactive compliance and have a strong track record of helping companies overcome regulatory crises.

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HERON™ Commercialization

With technical expertise that aligns evidence development and economic evaluation with pricing, reimbursement and market access strategy, HERON Commercialization realizes product value and commercial opportunity starting early in the drug development process.

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Medical Communications

Our Medical Communications team provides vital support necessary to drive brand performance, translating your scientific data and healthcare discoveries into communications that motivate multiple audiences.

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Regulatory Outsourcing Services

Life sciences companies can expend up to two-thirds of their regulatory resources maintaining products that have been approved and are on the market. PAREXEL Regulatory Outsourcing Services deliver a cost effective solution.

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Key Materials


Succeeding in the Marketplace

Learn the importance of pricing, reimbursement and patient access strategies in this article by Charles A. Stevens. Download here.


Reimbursable innovation

Synchronizing regulatory, clinical and commercial strategies during product development to address the needs of regulators, payers, providers and patients.


eMarketing Testim™

Learn how the Testim™ brand team leveraged our integrated eMarketing approach to develop and manage an online marketing campaign designed to create awareness and stimulate demand for the product.