Health Economic Modeling

Modeling a healthier future.

We can take a careful look at your situation and develop a strategic roadmap just for you. Our modeling services give you the information you need to make considered decisions and prove value for your patients, your clinical development, and your bottom line.


Early stage/target profile model

Defines the main drivers of cost-effectiveness or budget impact. This model is developed in Phase II or early Phase III and is heavily based on product profile and pricing assumptions to support market access scenario planning.

  • Used to assess if a clinical development program has potential to demonstrate cost-effectiveness as well as safety and efficacy
  • Used to determine which parameters require further research to better support the positioning of a drug in early phase development


Budget impact/financial model

Illustrates the financial impact of implementing an intervention within a particular market or system and can be population-based or payer/hospital-based. Typically, this is a short-term model (3-5 years).

  • Used to determine financial impact from implementing a new intervention at the local, regional, or national level


Payer/hospital-based model

Demonstrates the net benefit of one product to another for a particular hospital or payer.

  • Used by account managers in the field and often supplemented with a portfolio describing burden of illness, impact on patients, and healthcare system


Burden of disease model

Estimates annual incidence and prevalence from the characteristics of a payer’s covered population, treatment, and costs over a specified period of time (typically short term, 3-5 years). This model may compare the clinical data between treatments.

  • Used to raise awareness of the true burden of a disease in terms of numbers of patients treated, resource utilization, and cost to the payer
  • Typically aimed at priming the market for future promotion of drug therapies expected to reduce the overall costs to the payer


Cost-effectiveness model

Evaluates both the costs and consequences of a range of interventions. In Europe, cost-effectiveness is a pre-requisite for reimbursement.

  • Used when there is a need to demonstrate the economic implications of a new intervention in comparison to other treatments already available or best supportive care to further develop the product positioning strategy


Database analytics

The process of converting real-world data into meaningful information to support decision making. This includes cleaning, coding, and transforming data for various statistical analyses.

  • Used to verify data as well as provide meaningful translation of findings to meet multiple stakeholder needs


Launch-based training tools

For products with a compelling value or effectiveness message, our Market Access Consulting service develops tools and trainings for account managers to explain economic messages with confidence.

  • Used to augment sales training strategies and programs


Economic studies and post-launch publications

We develop materials to help with post launch positioning, to encourage uptake, and/or to promote thought leadership and stakeholder engagement.

  • Used to bolster product/portfolio positioning

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