Health Management

Parexel knows that staying healthy isn’t always easy and we offer several programs to help manage your health and control the physical, financial, and emotional impact of illness and disease. With your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Membership, you will have access to the following programs:

Diabetes Care Value Program

Offers convenient tools, innovative support, and rewards for healthy habits that help you take care of your health provided. This program includes:

  • Verio Flex Glucometer and OneTouch Reveal app — Free Verio Flex Glucometer that syncs automatically with your smartphone and the OneTouch Reveal app, enabling you to regularly record your blood sugar levels
  • Mango Health app — Get rewarded for sticking to healthy habits. You can customize your own routine of healthy habits and then get reminders to help you stay on track

Behavioral health case management

Designed to support the care you receive from your doctor and is available at no additional cost. Case managers work together with your doctor to ensure you get the cost-effective care you need.

Maternity care

Parexel supports you through all aspects of your maternity journey, from pre-conception, pregnancy, and childbirth to caring for your new baby. Parexel offers a full range of maternity programs and benefits including:

  • Ovia fertility and pregnancy apps — tools to support conception and healthy pregnancies
  • Living Healthy Babies website — educational resources and interactive tools to help you from pre-conception through your baby’s first year
  • Breast pumps — no-cost manual or dual electric breast pump
  • Personalized guidance for moms — support from nurses to help you make the best decisions for the health of your baby
  • Childbirth course reimbursement — up to $90 in reimbursement for the cost of completing a childbirth course

Healthy lifestyle management

Looking to improve your health? No matter your goals, our programs offer the perfect mix of accessibility, support, and expert guidance

Fitness/weight loss — Save up to $150 annually on both health club and fitness class membership fees, plus an additional $150 annual reimbursement for qualified Weight Watchers® and hospital-based weight-loss programs

Ahealthyme — Get everything you need to live a healthier life, including an online health assessment, multi-week digital wellness workshops, educational resources to inform you on nutrition, exercise, and meal planning.

Blue365® — Enjoy discounts on everything from gym memberships and diet programs to family activities and fitness products.

Omada — a breakthrough online interactive program that helps “at-risk” employees and spouses reduce their chance of developing chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.The average participant loses more than 10 pounds along the way.