About Clinical Trials

The development of an innovative new treatment is often a lengthy and costly process - all treatments will have previously undergone rigorous testing in the laboratory before progressing onto testing in humans.

A clinical trial is the term used to describe the testing of a new treatment or medical device to evaluate whether the drug or device is effective and safe for people to use. Other terms often used to describe clinical trials are drug studies or drug research.

Clinical trials are carried out under the strict supervision of fully qualified doctors, nurses and other health professionals and all trials must first be approved by an Independent Review Board (IRB). IRBs comprise both laypersons and professionals - their main concern is safeguarding the interests of the participants.

All Parexel® clinical studies are done in accordance with ICH Clinical Practice (GCP) which is an international ethical and scientific quality standard for the conduct of trials. We also follow the regulatory guidelines set by the country that the study is being conducted in.

By volunteering for a Parexel® clinical research trial, you are not only helping to benefit the wider community through the development of better medicines, you'll also be paid for your time and any inconvenience.

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