RBQM Podcast Series | Episode 3: Staying within the Guardrails: How to Push the Boundaries in a Highly Regulated Industry

By designing quality into trials, we focus on the most critical data and create a framework for efficiently identifying and addressing any risks to patients, the integrity of data, or regulatory compliance. While part of regulatory guidance, consistent interpretation of RBQM approaches by regulatory inspectors is an area of concern. In such a highly regulated industry that is notably slow to adopt change, biopharmaceutical companies and CROs are still debating how to go with evidence-backed documentation to satisfy regulatory requirements when using risk-based approaches.

In the third episode of our RBQM podcast series, Amy Kissam-Sands, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations, John Bell, Chief Quality Officer, and Dr. Kristin Murphy, Senior Director and Global Head of the Change and Adoption Center of Excellence, discuss how to work within the regulatory guardrails when establishing a risk assessment framework.


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