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January 24 - January 25, 2022

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The 6th annual Patients as Partners in Medicines Development Europe conference will bring together pharma, biotech, CROs and technologists to figure out how to advance patient involvement in medicines development. Including topics such as:

  • Outcome measures that matter most to patients  
  • Patient Experience Data for regulatory submissions
  • Compliance barriers to advance patient involvement
  • Increasing diversity in clinical research
  • Patient involvement in Turkey and Eastern Europe
  • Impacting clinical research through carer Input
  • Patient involvement in the design and execution of platform trials
  • Patient access to research through digital innovation


Parexel presentations
Monday, January 24 ~ 10:15 GMT
Panel: How a Patient Researcher Changed a Clinical Trial in MS
Panelist: Clare Grace, Chief Patient Officer & Patients as Partners Co-Chair

Monday, January 24 ~ 2:15 GMT
Session: Inclusivity in clinical research: Driving meaningful change
•         Improving site and patient representation
•         Supporting and reaching patients and caregivers in a way that is right for them
•         Considering inclusivity beyond race and ethnicity
•         Providing ongoing support for those who need it most.​​​​​​​
Speaker: ​​​​​​​Sarah Pilkington, Director, Patient Innovation Center

Monday, January 24 ~ 3:10 GMT
Panel: Diversity and Inclusion in Clinical Research - Where are We Today and What are Next Steps?​​​​​​​
Panelist: Rosamund Round, Vice President, Patient Innovation Center


We are always available for a conversation.


We are always available for a conversation.


Communication Preference

Communication Preference