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November 11, 2021

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India’s clinical research advancements: from technology to patient- centricity

India's progress in healthcare and life sciences has been spectacular over the years - an essential enabler being clinical research. Being a country with a diverse population, highly skilled professional ecosystem, and proactiveness towards innovation, India remains a powerhouse for clinical research-led healthcare advancements. However, in modern times, especially post-pandemic, it is imperative that the focus of clinical trial procedures should be on patient safety, comfort, and convenience, more than ever. In other words, patient-centric clinical trial procedures are the need of the hour.

With implementation of newer digital technologies, clinical studies have the opportunity to undergo remarkable modernization. For example, technological innovations have led to the evolution of decentralized clinical trials (DCT), where volunteers and researchers can now conduct trials remotely and without the need for physical contact. The use of modern technologies has also led to efficient and secure real-world data (RWD) collection, accurate trial findings, and faster turnarounds with key insights while aiding patient ease. With India's robust and proactive healthcare research initiatives, patient-centric clinical research can bring immense benefits to the nation.

In this context, Parexel India is organizing a virtual symposium, along with, which will solicit thought leadership and industry insights from experts, around the possibilities, opportunities, advancement, and future potential of clinical trials in India. It will also take a closer look into the possibilities and opportunities with technology enabled DCTs.


Sanjay Vyas, EVP, India Country Head & Head CTS&L
Clare Grace, Chief Patient Officer
Mahesh Iyer, VP, GDO India Head & Innovation Lead 


We are always available for a conversation.


We are always available for a conversation.


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