Clinical Trial Supply & Logistics

Precision, time, and accuracy – getting the right supplies to the right sites and patients

Our mission: Ensuring that sites and patients receive the right supplies, on time, every time

Every clinical trial is unique. Your clinical trial supply chain management strategy should reflect the specific needs of your protocol, with efficiency, compliance, and real-time visibility throughout the process.

Our Clinical Trial Supplies & Logistics (CTS&L) team always puts their heart into ensuring that the right supplies get to the right sites and patients at the right time. Parexel’s new state-of-the-art coordination hub and distribution center will help you efficiently manage clinical supply logistics. We take on a comprehensive approach to clinical logistics to ensure clinical trial supplies, ancillary supplies, and central lab services are delivered on time and within budget.

Whether you are conducting a small regional or a complex global trial, the trial requires a robust supply chain network that includes country-specific knowledge and a close connection to local authorities. Parexel provides the knowledge, systems, and connections to provide end-to-end clinical trial supply chain management.

Our owned network of clinical trial distribution centers can:
  • Provide local or central sourcing of comparator and non-investigational medicinal products.
  • Coordinate investigational medicinal products manufacturing through our contract manufacturing organization partners or sponsor-delegated partners to optimize material utilization, supply and re-supply strategies, expiration dates, and costs.
  • Offer full-service and secondary clinical packaging for randomized, double-blind, or two/three-panel studies, as well as customized packaging design, customized secondary packaging, and patient supply kits.
  • Develop, translate, and distribute all the documentation for sites, investigators, or patients.
  • Receive, handle, and distribute IMP and ancillaries according to GMP regulation.
Providing leading clinical trial supply chain management and logistics services:
Site and patient centricity:

Our services are designed to reduce site efforts so they can focus on patient care versus logistical concerns. Parexel’s combined innovative patient-centric recruitment strategy and site-centric management model accelerates drug development timelines, increases patient access to clinical trials, and enables home participation for decentralized trials.

Awards & Achievements


2019 Most Robust CRO Supply Chain of the Year

2020 Best Supply Chain Digitalization

2021 Best Supply Chain.

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