Global Trade Compliance

Process standardization and simplification, ensuring end-to-end global trade compliance

To meet that demand, Parexel's international clinical supply team diligently works hard to maximize efficiencies and ensure on-site deliveries of investigational products and other study supplies receive the proper product packing, labeling, and releasing process.  

Our team is strategically located in countries that allow international management and direct engagement with customs and other government authorities. We also provide cross-functional collaborations with regulatory and clinical operations for the execution of import-export activities.

Safely importing and exporting your drug in a strategic, effective manner

Parexel can act as the importer in all countries allowed by the legal and regulatory framework. We take pride in providing our clients with the best in-line import and export services because we know that our customers rely on us to have up-to-date knowledge of global trade compliance requirements ensuring first-time clearance for shipments.

Full range of trade compliance services

Parexel’s dedicated team consist of quality management, operational excellence, and industry consulting groups that can:

  •  Ensure shipment is custom compliant
  • Make all necessary customs and additional agency declarations
  • Make payment for the duties and taxes
  •  Follow up with the government authorities regarding the status of imported goods
  • Apply for import/export permits
Detailed processes ensure quality and consistency

Quality is a critical component of successful supply chain strategies. To ensure quality, Parexel has:

  • Detailed and defined process maps that are harmonized globally with agility to meet local requirements
  • Perform extensive review of country-level risks and logistics infrastructures to   ensure global compliance

We are always available for a conversation.


We are always available for a conversation.


Communication Preference

Communication Preference