Lab Logistics

Lifecycle management that actually makes life easier.

When volunteers are generous enough to provide biological samples for a study, we don’t take that for granted. In fact, without them, it would be nearly impossible to successfully develop new medicine at all. Our Laboratory Logistics team works with you to understand the specific demands of your project, then creates a tailor-made strategy that works hand-in-hand with all regulatory requirements across your supply chain.

At every turn, we develop common-sense shipping solutions. We do this by consolidating certain study-related lab and ancillary supplies to reduce the overall number of shipments, costs, and ultimately our carbon footprint.

With integrated locations worldwide, our approach is quite flexible and scalable. So no matter where you hail from, your samples can get where they need.

Biological Sample Lifecycle Management

We understand both the importance and the details of biological samples management. From the first blood draw to tracking, storage, and ultimately destruction, our team is united in our commitment to taking care of the information your volunteers so generously provide.

We can help with: 

  • Improved inventory control for all types of human biological samples starting at time of collection
  • Accelerated study start-up and closure with synchronized data/sample reconciliation
  • Reduced costs through consolidated site supply and sample transport
  • Improved regulatory compliance by real-time tracking of samples and ICF checks
  • Optimized sample use and lower biobanking costs via reduced R&D cycle times and increased future-use of samples

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Communication Preference

Communication Preference