Clinical Adjudication

Clinical Adjudication Services

Helping you make the call.

When it comes to holistic and successful clinical development, we give you the opportunity to incorporate an adjudication as early as the planning phase, including thoughtful consideration on the specific data that needs to be collected.

Our flexible adjudication program empowers you to pinpoint potential issues earlier in the process. Because this aspect is fully integrated in our services, it gives you more information when making critical study-related decisions – potentially saving valuable time and funding.

We are proud to provide:

  • Identification of chair and members for adjudication committee
  • Contract with and management of members
  • Preparation of the Charter of Operations document
  • Events to be adjudicated/identification/alert
  • Source documents to support event
  • Review process
  • Adjudication questions
  • Preparing operational procedures and data entry guidelines
  • Preparing and distributing event dossiers/profiles via the Virtual Clinical Adjudication System (VCAS)
  • Translation and review for subject de-identification
  • Manage review rounds and final results
  • Project management / report events status
  • Meeting management: Orientation and Consensus
  • Build and configure the Virtual Clinical Adjudication System
  • Data transfer and end-of-study file transfer

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Communication Preference

Communication Preference