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During the pandemic, we have adapted our Early Phase facilities and processes to mitigate viral transmission risks. Each of our units can support COVID-19 related product development. Flexible capacity models and decentralized clinical trial processes have been introduced where possible because there is no moment to lose in the race to bring the pandemic to a close.

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A smarter, faster route to proof of concept.

Rapidly progressing through Phase I-II trials to achieve proof of concept is a critical milestone in your strategy.  It is also a crucial milestone of hope for patients with unmet needs. At Parexel, we design our early phase clinical trials to bring hope to these groups of patients sooner.

Our 80+ former regulators know first-hand the leading causes of early phase delays from a regulator's perspective. These include inappropriate scientific justification of the dose, misaligned safety thresholds, and study design challenges.

Parexel has the expertise to help mitigate these risks. We can bring together integrated teams of regulatory, pharmacology, and translational medicine experts to inform the doses of the drugs, safety selection, and PK/PD evaluation. We help design a protocol that works harder and smarter for you, generating the data you'll need to inform decision-making.

And when you are ready to begin your Early Phase studies, our global network of early phase clinics provide a full scope of services.

These services include:

Parexel thanks all of the patients, their families and our staff at clinical sites around the world!

"I'm doing something that in a small way benefits the future of modern medicine." -Simon, Volunteer Participant. Learn how you can help us develop impactful therapies for patients around the world.

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