Patient Sensors

Using sensors to bring the future of clinical trials to patients, today.

Quite simply, wearables and sensors make patients’ lives easier. When coupled with our decentralized clinical trials solutions, it reduces the need for additional in-person assessments. And by thoughtfully combining wearable and sensor technology with real-world data sources and e-clinical system solutions, such as EDC and eCOA, your clinical development can benefit from a true 360º view of participants’ health.

The Patient Sensors Solution utilizes Parexel’s broad services and eClinical expertise to enable an end-to-end solution that captures, transmits and visualizes connected sensor and device data – built to support the volumes of data collected by modern sensors. This collection of subject sensor data is coordinated by Parexel’s Scientific Data Organization, ensuring:

  • Unified project management, delivering proactive client communication and management of all third-party vendors
  • Device selection advice and validation services
  • Sourcing, testing and distribution of sensors
  • Fully validated and compliant with GDPR,HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 regulations
  • Analysis and delivery of sensor data sets
  • Development of easy-to-read instructions for study subjects and sites
  • Comprehensive site training
  • 24x7 Help Desk support for sites and subjects

Starting with the patient first, we can help you select the right sensor for your project.  We ensure that connected sensors and wearables are fit-for-purpose and delivered with effective technologies, proven scientific expertise and comprehensive wraparound services.

Parexel acquires devices including but not limited to:

  • Pulse Oximeters
  • Blood pressure meters
  • Activity trackers
  • Glucometers and CGMs
  • Spirometer
  • Body weight scales
  • ECGs

Parexel's Patient Sensors Solution enables the capture of sensor data through a secure communications network. Our end-to-end solution is fully regulatory compliant and provides multiple redundant layers of authentication, encryption protocols and algorithms to protect the data and make sure data in transit via cellular and internet channels securely reaches its destination. The Patient Sensors Solution visualizes device data and monitors subject compliance in a variety of reports including the ability to compare remote device data to in clinic assessment data - via persona-based dashboards in the sensor platform or via enabled eClinical systems, such as electronic data capture (EDC).

Our streamlined offering of clinical trial and real-world evidence expertise and the ability to collect sensor-based data creates efficiencies for sponsors and eliminates the need to contract separately. Not only is Parexel ready to support the inclusion of sensors and wearables in clinical trials, for example pilots, Phase I-IV and other observational and post-marketing studies, Parexel is also able to provide wraparound clinical research services, including consulting for device-related protocol design, device validation, informed consent authoring, data management and analysis.

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