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High-performance FSP.  For high-performance biopharma.

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A high-performance FSP designed for scale, acceleration, and results. From day one.

Our world-class network of clinical FSP experts is ready to scale your trial resources, accelerate timelines, and maximize efficiency throughout development.

Whether you need a handful of experts or an entire department, they can start optimizing trial performance the moment they're contracted. Because patients need a new therapy yesterday.

It's why we've earned a Top 3 FSP client satisfaction rating and why we're prepared to start driving higher performance and efficiency for you, too.          

One point of contact  

We provide you with a dedicated client partner, a single point of contact, who will help you to access everything Parexel has to offer.   Our suite of FSP services includes:

We find the world-class experts that you need, matched to the right cultural fit for your company

Our Parexel FSP Culture Mapping™ process enables us to match the right people to you with the right mix of expertise, passion, and accountability who embed themselves and engage as an extension of your team.

This means fewer disruptions to your development timelines, so you can get treatments to those who need them faster than ever before. That's why we have our FSP staff retention rates are some of the highest in the industry with  88+% and client satisfaction rates of 4.75 out of 5 (for the last five years).     

We provide exceptionally trained experts, when and where you need them

Whether you are looking to scale up in locations you are already working in or access expertise in lower-cost regions, we have the global infrastructure and local knowledge to meet your needs.

We partner with you to provide the right functional outsourcing model, task ownership, level of oversight, workforce scale, duration, tools, systems, and process to deliver an FSP solution with experts that function as part of your team. 

​​​​Parexel FSP:

  • increases resource flexibility
  • lowers costs
  • provides access to specific skills/expertise
  • provides access to technology
  • improves service provider relationships

When unforeseen circumstances, such as a global pandemic, require you to quickly pivot, Parexel FSP can provide continuity to your clinical development programs, as well as lifecycle support.

FSP 2.0: Why Talent Development is the New Talent Acquisition

Hear Jamie Langley, Global Head, Parexel Academy and Neil Berger, VP, FSP Commercial and Operational Strategy discuss the evolution of FSP outsourcing and critical infrastructure components.


Frequently Asked Questions About FSP

What is Functional Service Provider (FSP) outsourcing?

In clinical development, functional service provider (FSP) outsourcing is an outsourcing model that gives biopharmaceutical companies the flexibility to contract out full or partial aspects of a specific function or functions to a contract research organization.  A range of FSP models help biopharmaceutical companies manage the ebbs and flows of portfolio workflow staffing, with customized levels of oversight, administration and governance.  An FSP can range from one or two employees to teams of 50 or 100+.  FSP collaborations may involve the use of either the biopharmaceutical company’s or the research organization’s systems and processes. In some cases, it may involve a mix of both.

What services are included in FSP outsourcing?

The most outsourced services in a functional service provider (FSP) model are clinical operations, site management, and data management. However, FSP outsourcing can include, but is not limited to:


What are the benefits of FSP outsourcing?

There are a variety of benefits to the FSP outsourcing model. They can include:

  • Increased resource flexibility
  • Access to skills and expertise not available in own organization
  • Ability to scale resources up or down as needed
  • Ability to focus internal resources on core capabilities
  • Change fixed labor costs into variable costs
  • Access to additional technologies not available in organization
  • More efficient clinical development activities

What are some of the FSP delivery models?

Parexel’s FSP model options include:

Staff augmentation – Skilled staff who perform well-defined tasks for a functional area (such as clinical monitoring or study management roles), using the sponsor's systems and processes

Managed staff – Skilled staff and line management are provided by Parexel and work within the sponsor’s system and processes

FSP flex – Skilled staff and line management who perform a specific volume of work, with unit-based pricing. Use of Parexel or sponsor systems and processes

Hybrid - A combination of FSP and full-service delivery models with flexible management, using either Parexel’s or a sponsor’s systems and processes

What is the ideal scale for FSP outsourcing?

One of the benefits of an FSP is that it can accommodate your specific needs, whether that’s one or two staff or a team 100+. Additionally, it’s a scalable model which allows you to quickly ramp-up or down depending on your needs.

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