Parexel Functional Services Provider (FSP)

We get the right people to you, to get the right treatment to her.

See how we find the expertise you need, matched to the right fit for your company.

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Parexel FSP Culture MapTM matches our Functional Services experts to your company

We understand the challenges you face in getting your treatments to patients who urgently need them. But we also know that clinical research needs people with the right mix of expertise and passion.

We get the right fit

Our Parexel FSP Culture MapTM  process helps us find the expertise you need, matched to the right fit for your company. That is why we have high FSP staff retention rates of >90% and client satisfaction rates of 4.75 out of 5. Because the way we work together shapes the difference we make.

We provide exceptionally trained experts, when and where you need them

Whether you need a single expert or an entire department, we have access to world-class talent and training resources that can accelerate your development timeline:

Icon showing functional services provider employees.  5,500+ current full-time FSP employees
Icon showing Pre-screened FSP candidates. 25,000+ pre-screened candidates in our database, some of whom can be deployed in as little as 14 days
Parexel Academy icon. Parexel Academy to develop a pool of top talent for you


Innovation that doesn’t just win clients, it wins awards

We harness over 20 years of FSP experience to meet today’s demands, sharing learnings and best practices to speed up development because patients can’t wait for the treatments they need:

Functional Services Provider awards icon. 6 client awards for FSP Innovation and Excellence in Service in the last two years
Icon showing two hands shaking. Best practices learned from working with 13 of the top 15 healthcare companies
Increased FSP efficiency icon. Driving efficiency by leveraging Parexel’s innovative practices


Providing a simple, single point of contact to access a comprehensive team

We provide you with a dedicated client partner, a single point of contact, who will help you to access everything Parexel has to offer.   Our suite of FSP services includes:

Keeping patients all over the world at the heart of everything we do

With FSP teams all around the world, whether you’re in the Americas, Europe or Asia, we can combine global experience with local expertise to help you succeed in the markets and therapeutic areas you’re trying to reach.

Like our hearts, our experts are also in the right places

We partner with you to provide the right outsourcing model, task ownership, level of oversight, workforce scale, duration, tools, systems and process to deliver an functional service solution with experts that operate as part of your team.

We are always available for a conversation.