Rare Diseases

Special support for rare diseases.

Putting patients first is never more important than when dealing with rare diseases. Because of our years of helping clinical development thrive in this area, we can help you navigate this specific landscape. By putting ourselves in patients’ shoes, we help you develop an approach that is laser-focused on making life easier for everyone involved.

Infographic illustrating Parexel's rare disease study experience over the past 5 years.


A Lean and Dedicated Team

Parexel's Medical and Scientific teams give you a single point of contact to access our global capabilities. With every project, we match you with the therapeutic area, regulatory and clinical operations experts who are the best fit for your development project.

Intelligent Strategy for Patient Recruitment and Retention

By understanding the specific needs of families coping with rare diseases, our in-house Patient Recruitment and Strategy Group can give you solutions to help ease the burden on them. We work closely with patient advocacy groups to constantly learn and grow.

Regulatory Advice at Every Step

We have more than 1000 regulatory consultants on staff. Of these, more than 50 have held positions at regulatory authorities across the world. That’s why we are ready to advise you on your strategies for product development, compliance, submissions and more. Our regulatory team works closely with our clinical and operational teams for an integrated approach, informing your studies every step of the way.

Pie chart displaying Parexel's rare disease studies experience.



We are always available for a conversation.


We are always available for a conversation.


Communication Preference

Communication Preference