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Accelerating, guiding and simplifying biotech drug development

We know that the most critical therapies for so many untreated diseases are in the biotech pipeline. We also know that no two biotech companies are the same. Each one requires a unique solution. At Parexel Biotech, we are focused on meeting customer and patient needs with tailored, flexible solutions that speed development and increase the likelihood of launch so that we get treatments into the hands of patients who need them most. 

Partnering to reach your goals

We understand the pressures emerging biotech companies face. Our dedicated leadership team brings expertise and experience driving treatments through the development process to help you accelerate the time it takes to get treatments to patients. We offer strategic guidance based upon your unique goals and can identify opportunities to support your success.

Getting it right the first time

Starting with the end in mind is the best way to maximize your chances of success. Parexel Biotech is guided by industry leading consultants from around the world who can offer regulatory, clinical development and market access expertise to optimize the value of your asset and chart the fastest, most efficient course, so you can mitigate any unnecessary risk of delays or failure.

Meeting your needs with tailored biotech solutions

At Parexel Biotech, we’ve created an integrated, flexible operating model designed just for emerging companies. You get all the benefits of a large CRO’s services with the agility of a much smaller outfit. This means that clients only get what they need, when they need it. We provide tailored solutions based on the expertise and resources that align to your objectives.

Navigating therapeutic areas

We can be there at every step of your development journey, deploying the right expertise at the right time. No matter how complex your trial, you can feel reassured that we have a legacy of therapeutic expertise. From our Oncology Center of Excellence, through CNS, immunology, inflammation, rare and orphan diseases and beyond, our medical, regulatory, strategic, commercial, trial design and statistical experts can help guide you.

Harnessing disruptive innovation

At Parexel Biotech, we keep the patient at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about patient centricity and making it easier for patients to participate in clinical trials by incorporating patient and caregiver perspectives, needs and experiences into trial planning which improves recruitment and retention. We also partner with our clients to finely tune the right mix of innovations such as precision medicine, virtual trials and innovative trial designs to create novel approaches and tactics. This, in turn, can improve the likelihood of launch, which is vital, because patients can’t wait.

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