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No matter how long or complex the clinical development journey, it's our singular focus on each patient, moment, and detail through every step of the process that leads to a pivotal breakthrough.


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You’re on a mission to change lives. We want to help you get there.  

Emerging biotech companies like yours are dedicated to bringing groundbreaking medical innovations to patients who need them, and that means embarking on the development journey. It’s a journey that our biotech solutions were built for. We’ll walk with you step-by-step, through every decision, touchpoint, and milestone, to ultimately bring patients closer to better outcomes, together. 

No matter the project, we put patients at the beginning, middle, and end of everything we do; leveraging their insights and letting them help guide us. It’s that patient-centricity, combined with our biotech services, global capabilities, and industry-leading expertise that add up to a more effortless journey to the most important endpoint.

Walking in lockstep, every step of the way.

Your goal is to improve patients’ lives. Our goal is to make that easier for you with a delivery model that is fully integrated and adaptable from the very beginning. 

Every Parexel Biotech team is built to help you deliver innovations to the patients who need them most. We start with a single point of contact to coordinate every piece of your project, add a highly qualified, dedicated project team, and finally, we integrate service lines for a holistic and strategic approach. 

Patient first. Patient last. Patient-centered. 

We put patients at the heart of everything we do, and we’re not just saying that. It’s key to our culture and we live it every day. It’s about fully understanding our patients and their lives–from their psychological well-being, to their relationships and socioeconomic circumstances. This commitment drives everything from protocol design and endpoints, all way to the decisions made by our leadership team.

Global execution, local expertise.

From pre-IND to Post-Approval, we integrate the essential service lines you need to address each challenge and keep you on the path to success, every step of the way. 

No matter what  you’re exploring, we can help you navigate competitive, regulatory, and reimbursement landscapes while innovating and streamlining your development plan with the help of real-world data

Learn more about our presence in your local area and around the world on our Global Locations page.

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