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Emerging biotech companies like yours are dedicated to bringing groundbreaking medical innovations to patients who need them, and that means embarking on the development journey. At Parexel Biotech, we work side-by-side with biotech services and companies to break down the research and development journey into a series of connected decisions, steps, and milestones - to get to that breakthrough innovation – from regulatory and commercial strategy to cutting-edge trial design and execution. We use our deep experience to bring you and your patients closer to better outcomes together.

An experienced Biotech team that anticipates needs to deliver the right solutions.

Leveraging our dedicated biotech operations group, we match your unique requirements with an experienced team that anticipates and adaptively delivers the solutions you need. We deliver with agility, focus and accountability, providing a holistic and strategic approach to the clinical journey. A single point of contact proactively manages and coordinates all activities, working with a highly skilled project team dedicated to working on Biotech studies. From Pre-IND to post-approval, our biotech solutions integrate the essential services needed to address challenges and keep you on the path to success.

Industry experts delivering winning strategies with real results.

  • Health Advances, Parexel’s commercial strategy subsidiary, quickly integrates knowledge from a clinical, technical, and business perspective to create strategies that guide your most critical business decisions.
  • Our 1,000+ strong regulatory and access consulting team includes former regulators and HTA assessors, alongside industry luminaries to help optimize your plans.
  • Our teams have broad therapeutic and technical expertise with a specialized focus in oncology, cell & gene therapies, rare diseases, and immunology.

Patient-focused development  

The role of the patient is central to our mission of keeping patients at the heart of all clinical trial activity. Your success depends on the patients in your trial, so we partner with them to help shape protocols, reduce trial burden, and increase retention. As the only CRO with a Chief Patient Officer, our global patient advocacy and site efforts include patient engagement strategies and efforts to enhance clinical trial diversity. We gather input from patients, caregivers, and investigative site staff worldwide to help drive the most efficient path forward, using patient-focused delivery models such as decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and synthetic control arms.

Global execution, local expertise.

No matter where you’re exploring, we can help you navigate competitive, regulatory, and reimbursement landscapes in all major markets, including China. We deliver clinical development programs worldwide to rapidly find the patient’s waiting for your breakthrough.

Learn more about our presence in your local area and around the world on our Global Locations page.

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