Clinical Data Management

Making the most of deep data.

To help make the most of the data you have worked hard to collect, our Clinical Data Management team is ready to lend a hand to improve efficiency, reduce development costs, and anticipate risks.

Our global team of nearly 2,000 clinical data managers, statisticians, and statistical programmers combine deep data with common sense for high-quality information at every milestone. From periodic analysis and reporting, all the way through the regulatory process, we’re here to support you with fact-based guidance.

Our Clinical Data Management team can offer:

  • Clinical Data Management Services
  • Statistical Programming
  • Biostatistics
Functional GDO outsourcing options

Whether you're working worldwide or at a single site, we can provide customized assistance for a range of capabilities.

  • Building several customer-dedicated units with fast ramp-up
  • Successful transitioning of ongoing project portfolios
  • Operating in accordance with both clients’ or Parexel SOPs and systems
  • A focus on self-sufficiency to minimize customer oversight
  • Supporting Metadata Repositories (MDR) and Statistical Computing Environments (SCE) transition and development of Data Standards


The evolution of clinical development

Adaptive Trial Designs

Adaptive trial designs give everyone involved a safer, more effective experience. By consistently checking in with interim analyses, we can help you adjust in real-time based on the accumulating data collection.

Clinical Metadata Repository

The way we collect patient data is changing for good. And from sensors, wearables, reported outcomes and more, it can be challenging to compile it all against the same standards. This is especially true when trials are conducted across borders. Our Clinical Metadata Repository (CMR) connects the dots between data measurement, data management practices, and analysis with a full suite of tools in one place.

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Communication Preference

Communication Preference