Market Access and HEOR Consulting

Unlock product value faster

At Parexel, we have patient access at heart throughout the drug development lifecycle, beginning in the early phases of clinical and regulatory planning with our Access Consulting services. Our goal, like yours, is to make effective treatments available to patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When you bring the right data to payers to demonstrate value, you can better align with them to bring novel therapies to patients and address unmet needs. Starting early is the key. Getting insights from health technology assessment (HTA) systems, payers, and clinicians helps us model different scenarios, with evidence generation targeted to the value attributes of the product and predefined success factors.

By combining our regulatory and market access expertise, Parexel offers integrated support services, ensuring alignment with regulatory agencies, HTAs, payers, and prescribers. Instead of the traditional dividing lines between clinical, regulatory and market access planning, Parexel offers cohesive alignment to support the global launch of reimbursable, appropriately priced medicines.

Our expertise encompasses extensive clinical training, advanced academic degrees in science, economics, health policy, and business, and tenure with regulatory agencies, payers, sponsors, HTA decision-making bodies, and industry-leading organizations such as IFPA and EFPIA. As a result, you benefit from a real-world point of view relevant to reimbursement when developing and adapting your product’s evidentiary value story through the research lifecycle.

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Communication Preference