Market Access Consulting

Clearing the final hurdles to market.

Marketing authorization from regulators is no guarantee that a new product will reach its market. At Parexel, we have patient access at heart from the beginning phases of clinical and regulatory planning. This way, we make sure you’re ready – with aligned evidence generation and smart advice on the best, fastest routes to your global target markets.

One of the key challenges is considering all stakeholders in development and balancing cost. The consequence of focusing only on market authorization is a risk of delays and restrictions when the evidence package does not meet the needs of other stakeholders like payers. Parexel have combined our regulatory and market access expertise to mitigate these risks and help companies meet the evidence requirements of all stakeholders in a more holistic and efficient way by optimizing development at every opportunity.

We think big. But also, appreciate the fine details which is why our experienced market advisors use smart, practical tools to help companies to get the market coverage and reimbursement they wanted.

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Communication Preference

Communication Preference