Clearing the final hurdles to market access.

After a long development and approval journey, a remaining barrier is getting to the right people at the right price. It’s here that we roll up our sleeves to develop resourceful solutions tailored to you. We have commercialization at heart from the beginning phases of clinical and regulatory planning. This way, we make sure you’re ready – with aligned evidence generation and smart advice on the best routes to market.

Our services include:

  • Evidence Evaluation: Evidence reviews and epidemiology evidence strategy, HTA/reimbursement evidence strategy, post-market evidence plans, clinical development plans, early asset prioritization/portfolio review, network meta-analysis/comparative effectiveness
  • Health Economic Modeling: Health economic models and analysis, cost effectiveness/utilities models, budget impact models, field-based tools, early stage models, country model adaptations
  • Real-world Data (RWD): RWD database mapping and assessment, RWD treatment pattern analysis, RWD long-term effectiveness studies, RWD safety studies, RWD cost- of illness studies
  • Pricing & Market Access: Global pricing and market access strategy, local access strategy, plan and submission (UK, Nordics and others*), early HTA and payer engagement, evidence optimization, value communications
  • Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs): Expertise in all types of COAs** including PROs, ClinROs, ObsROs, PerfOs, protocol/endpoint review, COA instrument, reviews/gap analyses, COA adaptation/development and validation, Support implementation of COAs in clinical studies

*submissions in English

**patient-reported outcomes (PROs), Clinician-reported outcomes (ClinROs), Observer-reported outcomes (ObsROs) and Performance Outcomes (PerfOs)

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