The Medical Affairs Company® (TMAC)

Medical Affairs solutions that bridge the gap.

With The Medical Affairs Company® (TMAC), you have tailored, on-the-ground capabilities taking you from planning and development through commercialization, no matter your size. TMAC’s integrated solutions offer strategic and tactical contract field-based medical teams such as Clinical Trial Liaisons, Medical Science Liaisons, Clinical Educators, and Managed Outcome Liaisons. These seasoned advisors enhance the exchange of scientific information between your organization, the medical community, and all customer types. Medical Information Call Center support services provide compliant, accurate healthcare professional resources delivering unmatched customer service. Direct Placement recruiting helps companies fill single positions or large-scale buildouts with the best candidates, and Medical Affairs Consulting provides analysis, strategy, and oversight. A partnership will connect you to the know-how you need to deploy the team that fits your unique needs immediately, maximizing your agility and the potential of your asset every step of the way.

Clinical Trial Liaisons (CTLs)

Clinical Trial Liaison teams, comprised of doctoral level and advanced degreed healthcare professionals, can keep your trial moving forward by engaging in cross-functional collaboration addressing patient, site, and study needs, cultivating peer-to-peer relationships to uncover actionable insights, and delivering tailored and timely solutions to make your company the partner of choice for investigators.

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs)

Global field-based MSL teams, comprised of doctoral level and advanced degreed healthcare professionals, engage with HCP stakeholder audiences in the full spectrum of scientific exchange, including awareness of clinical trials and new approaches to disease management; new product introductions and expansions, delivering value-based discussions validated through clinical evidence and comparative data presentations.

Clinical Specialists (CSs)

Clinical Specialists are credentialed professionals that provide regional and community-level HCPs with educational support, including in-services, technical training, and clinical reinforcement messaging. Our CSs are regional and local extensions of our client's medical affairs departments and closely collaborate with their commercial teams.

Managed Outcomes Liaisons (MOLs)

Managed Outcomes Liaisons are doctoral-level healthcare professionals with expertise in economics and outcomes research. MOLs aim to convey the clinical utility of our client’s drugs and support the value proposition as to why these drugs should be utilized by payers and their members.

Clinical Nurse Educators (CNEs)

Clinical Nurse Educators are credentialed professionals deployed to address a specific gap for a product where utilization, adherence, or uptake is limited or challenging. Through peer-to-peer discussions with target HCPs and Nurses, CNEs can provide hands-on training for products, devices, and education on the disease management tools used to diagnose and treat chronic conditions.

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