Real-World Evidence and Late Phase

Be real-world ready.

When it comes to commercial decision makers, we help you provide real world data to support your specific product position. Every real-world evidence use case carefully blends the demands of regulatory, clinical, and commercial questions. From determining the best research methodology, to defining the most useful endpoints, we help you set your development project up to collect the right evidence for your stakeholders.

Our solutions include:

  • Real-world data services - Our cross-functional teams, established processes and cloud-based technology platform helps to generate fit-for-purpose real world data that better supports scientific or commercial analysis.
  • Observational / non-interventional studies - Providing valuable insights into the causal association between a treatment (e.g. a drug product, device, or procedure) and a particular event or outcome (e.g. long-term effectiveness and safety).
  • Late stage clinical trials – We provide a complete scope of late-stage programs including pragmatic trials or interventional trials – and have the deep understanding of peri/post-approval research to back it up.

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Communication Preference

Communication Preference