Observational Studies

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Observational research can help us understand more about causal associations between treatments and outcomes and more about the world in general. These non-interventional studies have become valuable tools in health because they offer broad ways to answer real-world clinical research and product usage questions. However, they are notoriously challenging to implement.

Several study designs fall within this category of research including:

  • Cohort studies, including prospective patient registries
  • Case-control studies, including retrospective chart reviews; and
  • Database studies using electronic health records (EHR) or third-party databases

Our global team of pharmacoepidemiologists, pharmacovigilance, regulatory, and research operations advisors are able to:

  • Help you define the needs of your target audience(s) and to develop the best study design to meet your research objectives
  • Define the optimal regulatory authority and ethics committee submission strategies in each country or region
  • Implement a study management and resourcing model trained to collect the required data in the most efficient manner and to agreed-upon standards of quality

Case Study: Metabolic disease observational study

When a client needed support in a global observational study involving nearly 60,000 patients, Parexel combined its global infrastructure with localized support to accelerate start-up, meet recruitment goals early and reduce site management cost by 150%.

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Communication Preference